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George Washington KneelingWelcome to Gonzo's Garage!  Lots to see here!  this literally is a "garage" full of things like my Firearms page, my  Mayflower Heritage pages, and my Go Navy! pages, I am also concentrating more on alerting my community to emergency preparedness, and activities that are geared toward honoring God, protecting liberty, and preserving the rich heritage and founding principles of America.  I have recently resurrected the politics blog, and will continue to post articles there related to emergency preparedness, gun rights, and political opinions.  Shameless commercial plug:  Visit the new Prepper Talk Discussion Forum, where you can sign up to discuss preparedness topics and share ideas..

The Values I Hold Precious:  Preserving the principles of our nation as a Godly nation, and as set forth in our founding documents - The Declaration of Independence and The U.S. Constitution must be paramount in priority of our lives.  I believe in keeping God in our schools, and I believe in protecting the lives of the un-born.  Defending our great heritage in firearms (The Second Amendment) and capturing the vast greatness that America has to offer must be our life's endeavor.  The picture of George Washington on one knee, praying, is by far my favorite painting in the world, as it captures those very ideas.  It's a call to all of us to remember who we are as a country, and do all that we can to help our fellow Americans.  Excellence and American exceptionalism are part of our heritage.  Self sufficiency and moral responsibility are the very fiber that holds us together.  Standing up as a nation of armed citizens is what keeps us free.  And as Dr. Martin Luther King taught us: content of character is more important than the color of one's skin.  America is great because America is GOOD!

Concealed Carry MagazineWe are in an historic time in that Americans all over have woken up to a different America than we grew up with, and the world has, in many ways, become more dangerous and uncertain.  World events are dictating that we need to become more self-sufficient and prepared, and certainly more knowledgeable about world events that are driving our economy and our ability to lead as a nation.   I am a native Coloradan, and my state has been stolen by a rich, elite "Gang of Four" who thinks they can steal our state and impose their social engineering on us to make us live as THEY see fit. Well - they DID steal our state, and I want it back.  This web site is therefore devoted toward supporting the principles and values such as George Washington's that have made our country great, and getting my beloved state of Colorado back.

A little about me:  After spending a 20-year career in the US Navy, and 6 years teaching full time, I'm now in the cyber-security biz, and spend most of my time researching computer security issues, investigating cyber-incidents, and being an all-around computer geek.  When I'm not at work, I spend my time prepping, going to the shooting range, writing political blog articles, and engaging in 2nd amendment activist endeavors.  I am an NRA Certified Firearms Instructor (Pistol, PPiTH, RTBAV), US Concealed Carry Association Affiliate Instructor, and an NRA Certified Range Safety Officer.  I am a trained and qualified instructor and member of the Fort Collins Community Emergency Response Team (CERT), graduate of the Larimer County Sheriff's Office Citizen's Academy (and Alumni Association Member) and have completed numerous courses in Incident Command Systems practices and procedures.  Emergency preparedness and finding ways to protect my community are a big part of my life, and I am always looking for ways to encourage community preparedness.  I'm a Law Enforcement Certified AR-15/M-16/M-4A1 Armorer through the American Gunsmithing Institute.


I'm a Law Enforcement Certified AR-15/M-16/M-4A1 Armorer through the American Gunsmithing Institute, and an NRA Certified Firearms Instructor.  Contact me and ask me about rifle tune-up, maintenance, and build information.  I perform in-depth inspection, cleaning, maintenance, builds, modifications, accessory advice, and training.




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This is how our beloved state of Colorado was STOLEN!

"Those who don’t agree with the Progressive agenda being passed from the liberal state Capital are targeted and harassed. Most troubling? “The Colorado Model” is being replicated. It may be coming to a state near you. It all started with four wealthy liberals who pulled off one of the greatest political make-overs in recent history. The Rocky Mountain Heist."


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Submitting to God worked the first time we tried it!  Let's get back
to our founding principles and submit to Him again!

It is for freedom that Christ has set us free. Stand firm, then, and do not let yourselves be burdened again by a yoke of slavery."

  - Galations 5:1














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