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Welcome to Gonzo's Garage. I maintain a number of websites, and always strive to provide meaningful and up to date content for you, my readers.  But web-hosting and some of the web authoring tools that I use do cost money.  If you like the content here at Gonzo's Garage, please consider a donation. 

The funds provided through donations will be used for upgrading features on my various sites, paying for web hosting, upgrading to professional versions of plug-ins (web authoring) components to enhance content, and payment of subscriptions, media use, and other research fees where needed for content ideas and validity.  Of course, spending a little extra for dog treats and cat toys is not out of the question, either.  Milo, Sophie, and Charlie often hang out in the office with me while I'm writing, so they deserve props for lending moral support.  Any donation amount is appreciated.  

Unfortunately, your donations to Gonzo's Garage are not tax deductable, as I am not a 501 charitable or non-profit entity.  Plus, at least in my universe anyway, I will consider your donations a gift, and are therefore not considered taxable income for federal or state purposes (yeah - I'm part Libertarian).  But you will be helping a "poor Internet performer" continue to provide meaningful content even after I retire from my day job.  It was either this or become an Uber driver.




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