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      The World's Most Dangerous Jobs   


Working on the flight deck of an aircraft carrier is listed as the sixth most dangerous job in the world.   The flight deck is referred to as the most dangerous four-and-a-half acres on earth.  Below are the top ten most dangerous jobs in the world, as seen on The Learning Channel's "Ultimate Top Ten Most Dangerous Jobs":


flight_deck_3.jpg (50410 bytes)      flight_deck_8.jpg (98833 bytes)            flight_deck_9.jpg (49388 bytes)      flight_deck_10.jpg (79925 bytes)


1.    Alaskan Crab Fisherman

2.    Coal Miners

3.    Loggers

4.    War Correspondents

5.    De-Miners

6.    Aircraft Carrier Deck Hands

7.    Test Pilots

8.    Smoke Jumpers

9.    Stunt Actors

10.    High-Steel Iron Workers


flight_deck_4.jpg (55269 bytes)               flight_deck_1.jpg (66892 bytes)

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flight_deck_13.jpg (99307 bytes)                     flight_deck_14.jpg (60108 bytes)                       flight_deck_15.jpg (48694 bytes)                     flight_deck_11.jpg (57567 bytes)


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Webmaster's Note:  This rating occurred before the 2003 Gulf War.  Being an American Soldier has most certainly replaced one of the top positions on this list.  Nevertheless, from first hand experience, I can tell you that these people on the flight deck are in a dangerous job whether they are at war or not.  Whether serving in the Persian Gulf, or on training operations of the coast of Southern California, working on the flight deck is equally as dangerous in either scenario.




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