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~ Gonzo's Professional Resume ~

I'm a U.S. Navy veteran (retired) and now enjoying civilian life working as a Cyber-Security Operations Supervisor by day, firearms instructor and preparedness enthusiast the rest of the timePatriot and lover of America always.  My hope is to one day retire from all of this cyber-security and computer biz and get a low-stress, part-time, retirement, hobby job as a range safety officer, firearms instructor, Armorer, and shooting range bum.  Going back and teaching as a part-time adjunct instructor is not out of the question either.  I'm currently employed full time, but I am always on the lookout for great opportunities to be part of a dynamic cyber security team. Email me and let me know about opportunities with your organization.

Note: This is an extremely detailed resume to show all major duties, achievements, and significant training received at each position.  Plus, this is pretty much my entire working adult life on this page; something to look at and reminisce upon from time to time.  My standard version resume is available upon request.


This page last updated with my latest experiences:  Thursday, July 19, 2018 08:12 PM

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Current Professional Summary:

Experienced IT Security Manager with expertise in implementing security controls to protect critical infrastructure, FISMA programs and a variety of security regulations compliance standards; Comprehensive knowledge of information technology security principles, practices and procedures to develop, implement, and manage information system security programs; Cyber-Security incident handling procedures and investigation processes.  I specialize in vulnerability research and identification, vulnerability risk analysis, and vulnerability mitigation using a variety of tools to discover vulnerabilities and remediation solutions.

Expert in information assurance directives and documents used by critical infrastructure industries and the Federal Government, including National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Special Publications, Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS), and the Federal Information Systems Management Act (FISMA).  Extensive background in security control descriptions and implementation.

Select Technical Expertise:

* System Security Planning, Documentation, Control Testing, and Flaw Remediation
* Cyber Security Incident Handling and Response Procedures
* Methodologies for Improving Critical Infrastructure Cybersecurity (NIST)
* Developing and Writing Information Security Policies
* Cybersecurity Operations Management
* Performing Cybersecurity and Information Assurance Audits
* Technical Writing and Editing
* Vulnerability Analysis and Risk Assessment

Selected Security Tools I Use:

* IBM ISS Vulnerability Scanner
* PatchLink (Lumension) Vulnerability and Patch Management System
* Tivoli Endpoint Manager (BigFix)
* Trustwave SIEM
* Microsoft Security Baseline Analyzer
* WireShark
* Cyber Security Assessment and Management (CSAM) Toolkit
* Forescout/Counteract
* CheckPoint Firewall/IDP
* Tenable Nessus Vulnerability Scanner
* Tenable Security Center Continuous View Event Analysis and Reporting

Technical Certifications:

* Lean Six Sigma Greenbelt
* ITIL Foundations Certified
* Help Desk Analyst Certified
* Certified PatchLink Engineer
* Certified PatchLink Administrator
* CompTIA Security+
* CompTIA Server+
* CompTIA i-Net+
* CompTIA Network+
* CompTIA A+


Civilian/Post-Military Professional Experience:

Cyber-Security Operations Supervisor/Cyber Incident Handling Team Leader
Fort Collins, CO
July 2014 - Present

Manage a team of six IT Specialists (Security) in the performance of cyber-incident response and investigation, agency vulnerability scanning, security event monitoring, and vulnerability management and remediation.  Organizational project lead and liaison for the Continuous Diagnostics and Mitigation (CDM) implementation.  Manage the implementation and operation for my organization for a variety of cyber security tools.


Select achievements:

  • Reduced my organization's vulnerability count by 97.5%, and reduced vulnerabilities per computer by 97.6% to an average of 0.13 vulnerabilities per endpoint.

  • Developed over 50 custom reports using the IBM Tivoli (BigFix) system for enhancing capabilities for vulnerability research, security patch status reporting, cyber-incident response investigations, and collecting hardware/software asset management reports.

  • Authored thirteen knowledge base articles to assist other IT Specialists and organization employees with procedures and best practices for practicing good information security, troubleshooting IT technologies, and pulling reports to analyze various pieces of security related data.

  • Invited to give training presentations to the Northern Colorado Chapter of the Information Systems Security Association.  Delivered presentations on cyber incident response handling, and security vulnerability/patching analysis.

Position responsibilities:

  • Supervise 6 IT Security Specialists investigating and documenting an average of 300 cyber-incidents on an annual basis.

  • Chair of the agency Patching and Vulnerability Working Group (PVWG) to manage and minimize vulnerabilities on a variety of end-points, including Windows, Linux, Cisco, and Apple/MAC.

  • Management of the agency Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) system.

  • Oversight and compliance reporting of vulnerability and patch management efforts for over 12,000 endpoints and 7,000 mobile devices.

  • Represent my organization's interests at various cyber-security project teams, committees, and working groups.

  • Research threat severities and issue directions to the patching team for security patching and update prioritization.

  • Oversee firewall and intrusion prevention system (IPS) effectiveness and approve blocking and access control rules.

  • Voting member of change advisory board, provide input and approval recommendations on changes made to the organization's computing environment.

  • Develop and publish various technical guides, SOPs, knowledge base articles, and technical presentations. Perform editing and approval of documents written by others.

Significant Training Completed:

  • Tenable/Nessus Security Center Continuous View

  • CheckPoint Firewall/IPS Administration

  • Lean Six Sigma Greenbelt Certification


NRA Certified Firearms Instructor
Fort Collins, CO
October 2009 - Present

Certified NRA Firearms InstructorDeliver instruction in firearms safety, firearms maintenance, concealed carry topics, and the use of awareness and non-lethal force to combat crime in Refuse To Be a Victim seminars.  Develop curriculum for non-NRA courses of instruction.  Provide range safety officer oversight at various shooting events.  NRA Benefactor Life Member.  NRA Recruiter.  National Association for Gun Rights recruiter.  Strong ability to help students achieve the necessary knowledge, skills, and attitude needed to become responsible and safe gun owners and operators.


Firearms and Related Experience:

  • Advanced knowledge of firearms safety, shooting range safety procedures, and the proper operation and maintenance of a wide variety of pistols, rifles, shotguns, and non-lethal self-defense devices.

  • Completed numerous advanced firearms and safety training courses.

  • NRA Certified instructor, have taught various courses in NRA Basic Pistol and NRA Personal Protection in the Home.

Teaching, Training, and Communication Related Experience:

  • Currently teach Light Search and Rescue module for the Fort Collins Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) sponsored by Poudre Fire Authority.

  • Previous full time and adjunct instructor in the military and at the junior college and university level, teaching courses in computer servicing, electronics, computer networking, aircraft maintenance, and data communications.

  • Authored numerous academic lab manuals, knowledge base articles, policy documents, and procedures guides.

Firearms and Related Certifications:

  • NRA Certified Firearms Instructor (Pistol, Personal Protection, Refuse To Be a Victim) (NRA)

  • NRA Certified Range Safety Officer (NRA)

  • Law Enforcement Certified AR-15/M-16/M4-A1 Armorer (AGI)

  • First Aid/CPR/AED (American Heart)

  • Gunshot Wound First Aid (U.S. Law Shield)

Firearms and Tactical Training Completed:

  • Active Shooter Response (U.S. Law Shield)

  • Active Shooter Response (What You Can Do) (FEMA)

  • Active Shooter Program Development Seminar (U.S. Department of Homeland Security)

  • Sheepdog Seminar (Meeks, Chin, Grossman)

  • NRA Basic Instructor Training

  • NRA Instructor - Basic Pistol

  • NRA Instructor - Personal Protection Inside the Home

  • NRA Instructor - Refuse to Be a Victim

  • Tactical Pistol 1 (Makhaira group)

  • Tactical Pistol 2 (Makhaira group)

  • Tactical Rifle 1 (Makhaira group)

  • Tactical Rifle 2 (Makhaira group)

  • Advanced Gunfighting Pistol - Level 3 (Makhaira group)

  • Advanced Gunfighting Two Gun - Level 3 (Makhaira group)

  • Tactical Shotgun Operator (Makhaira group)

  • Low-Light Pistol Operator (Makhaira group)

  • Flashlight Defensive Techniques (Makhaira group)

  • Defensive Revolver (Makhaira group)

  • Law Enforcement M-16/AR-15/M-4A1 Certified Armorer's Course (AGI)


Enterprise Information Systems Security Manager
Fort Collins, CO
March 2008 - July 2014

Managed information security and information assurance for enterprise general support systems infrastructure, including security accreditation and authorization documentation, security technology implementation, disaster recovery planning documents, and security policy development. Supervised a team of 6 Information Systems Security Officers.


Select achievements:

  • Developed and implemented procedures for a centralized patch management methodology using ITIL best
    practices, and an existing enterprise patch management system. Doubled percentage of 100% patch-managed
    computers from 43% to 94%.

  • Wrote ~20 Standard Operating Procedure (SOP), System Security Plans (SSP), and policy documents for
    implementing computer system security, vulnerability and remediation, and patch management procedures.

  • Wrote ~12 knowledge-base articles for the agency ServiceNow system to provide comprehensive
    knowledge and instructions for other supervisors and IT staffs for cyber-incident procedures, lost and stolen
    IT hardware procedures, and vulnerability management issues.

Position responsibilities:

  • Oversaw information security and assurance, physical and environmental security, patch management,
    computer security incident response, change management, disaster recovery, and security documentation

  • Performed security control assessments to evaluate security control effectiveness, identify weaknesses, and
    recommend improvements to implement.

  • Managed Plans of Action and Milestones (POA&Ms) for remediating security assessment findings on the
    enterprise infrastructure general support system. Advise subject matter experts on required remediation
    procedures, track progress, provide status updates to management.

  • Supervised 6 cyber incident handlers; provide direction to incident response team, and perform immediate
    investigation of malicious code intrusion, lost/stolen equipment, and personal privacy information breaches.

Significant Training Completed:

  • ISC2 Certification and Accreditation Professional

  • Advanced Leadership Development Program


Desktop Security, Physical Security, and Patch Management Systems Administrator
Fort Collins, CO
May 2003 - March 2008

Managed all aspects of the implementation and operation of my organization's centralized patch management solution using PatchLink/Lumension patch management system.   Regional system administrator for the IT and networking components (servers, badge readers, and security cameras) of the Lenel physical security system. Provided consultation to business units on desktop computer security best practices.  Designed and delivered training on centralized patching best practices to various business units and at the organization's IT Forum.  Consulted and advised management on computer security issues.  Performed security control assessments.


Select achievements:

  • Implemented centralized patch management system for an infrastructure of over 10,000 workstation and server endpoints in my organization.

  • Increased my organization's patching effectiveness from 43% patched computers to over 90% patched computers.

  • Developed a patch management ticketing system using ITIL best practices which allowed IT staffs the ability to utilize centralized resources to report patching and vulnerability management issues.

  • Saved my organization thousands of dollars in contracting and out-sourced maintenance costs by increasing in-house abilities to troubleshoot and service physical security electronics and networking system local and remote components.

  • As project lead for the vulnerability and remediation (ISS scanning) project, increased ability to perform vulnerability scans by solving various technical issues and developing process for false-positive identification and remediation.

Position responsibilities:

  • Maintained desktop systems security certification and accreditation documentation.

  • Physical security system regional administrator, maintained and configured physical security access panels and facility security cameras.

  • Lead patching system (PatchLink) administrator, overseeing the efforts of a team of four people performing monthly and out-of-band security patching and updates for an environment of over 10,000 endpoints.

  • Managed software and hardware inventory reporting.

  • Developed numerous automated reporting methods with various security tools.

  • Performed vulnerability scanning and reporting using the IBM ISS Security Scanner, and identified vulnerability management and remediation and false positive investigations.

Significant Training Completed:

  • Lenel Physical Security System Administration and Maintenance

  • PatchLink/Lumension Systems Administration

  • PatchLink/Lumension Systems Engineer

  • Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator (Windows XP/2000)

  • CompTIA Security+

  • IT Project Management

  • ITIL Foundations v2 Certification

  • Certified Helpdesk Professional Certification

  • Post Graduate Certificate: Security Certification and Accreditation

  • Post Graduate Certificate: Information Systems Security

  • Post Graduate Certificate: Information Systems Security Management

  • Post Graduate Certificate: Project Management


Computer Networking/Computer Servicing/Electronics Instructor, Regional Cisco Academy Manager
Southeast Technical Institute, Sioux Falls, SD
August 1997 - May 2003

Full time faculty member at a technical school, teaching two-year technical degree programs within the electronics, electromechanical, and computer servicing programs.  Certified Cisco Network Academy Instructor.  Coordinated 10 Cisco Networking Academies, including instructor training and delivery of approved Cisco curriculum.


Select Achievements:

  • Contributed significantly to the attainment of STI's 10-year academic accreditation renewal.

  • Recognized by Cisco Systems as the Model Regional Networking Academy.

  • Authored a digital electronics lab text book and numerous stand-alone computer networking course lab work packages and lecture materials.

Position responsibilities:

  • Developed and delivered Train the Trainer courses for 24 instructors at local Cisco Academies. Supervised 5 Cisco Academy Instructors to ensure timely completion of training, maintenance of required certifications, and attendance at annual Cisco events.

  • Taught Cisco Networking; Novell Networking 3.x, 4.x, 5.x, 6.x; Data Communications; Information Security; Windows Networking; Routing and WANs; Digital Electronics; Basic Electronics; Advanced Computer Hardware; Basic Computer Hardware; Fiber Optics; Electromechanical Systems.

  • Oversaw 350 students completing 6 Cisco Networking Academy programs.

  • Student academic adviser for the computer servicing program.

Academic Committees:

  • Curriculum Committee

  • Electronics and Computer Servicing Program Academic Advisory Committee

  • Higher Learning Commission Accreditation Self Study Committee (Educational Programs, Support Services, and Assessment).

Significant Training Completed:

  • Cisco Systems Certified Network Administrator

  • Cisco Systems Certified Academy Instructor

  • Novell Netware 6 System Administrator

  • CompTIA iNet+

  • CompTIA Server+

  • CompTIA Network+


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U.S. Navy Professional Summary:

cvn70_carlvinson.jpg (93439 bytes)Served in the U.S. Navy, Naval Aviation Branch, for twenty years, as both an enlisted aircraft maintenance technician (avionics systems) and a commissioned aviation maintenance officer.  In my enlisted life, I performed maintenance on a variety of aircraft, including the H-2, H-3, and H-46 helicopters, and S-3A, P-3C, F-14A, and F-14D fixed-wing aircraft, and became cross-trained in F-14A airframes and power plants maintenance and safety of flight inspections.  As a commissioned officer, I provided shipboard and shore based maintenance management and support for SH-60, S-3A, F-18, F-14, E-2C, EA-6B, A6, C-2, and SH-53 helicopters and fixed-wing aircraft, as well as various automated avionics test station and calibration laboratory systems.  Specific assignments, achievements, and other details can be found on my "Go Navy" section of this website.

Total deployments: Two six-month combat deployments aboard ship to the Persian Gulf and North Arabian Sea  (1988 Iran/Iraq War, and 1994 Post Desert Storm Northern Iraq no-fly zone enforcement).  Two three-month routine patrol and training deployments aboard ship to the Northern Pacific, Western Pacific, Bering Sea, and Sea of Japan (PACEX 1989, and COMPTUEX 1993).  Various other at-sea training exercises, for a total of four years, four months, and twenty days of sea service.  Served two and a half years of foreign service at combat patrol squadron forward deployment sites in Northern Japan and Diego Garcia in the Indian Ocean.  My ships include the U.S.S. Carl Vinson (CVN-70), U.S.S. Enterprise (CVN-65), and U.S.S. Kitty Hawk (CV-63).


My service medals and awards include (in order of precedence):

  • Enlisted Aviation Warfare Specialist Badge

  • Navy/Marine Corp Commendation Medal (2)

  • Navy/Marine Corp Achievement Medal

  • Meritorious Unit Commendation Medal

  • Navy "E" Ribbon (Battle Efficiency)

  • Navy Enlisted Good Conduct Medal (4)

  • National Defense Service Medal

  • Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal

  • Southwest Asia Service Medal

  • Sea Service Deployment Ribbon (2)

  • Navy/Marine Corp Overseas Service Ribbon (2)



U.S. Navy Military Professional Experience:

Aircraft Maintenance Officer - Assistant Department Head at US Navy
October 1994 - August 1996

Assistant Aircraft Intermediate Maintenance Department (AIMD) Officer at Naval Air Station Alameda, CA, with direct responsibility for the management of intermediate level aircraft maintenance performed by 170 avionics, support equipment, power plants, airframes, and aviation survival equipment personnel. When Naval Air Station Alameda was targeted for Base Realignment and Closure (BRAC), I led the project to perform an orderly shutdown of my department and move all aircraft maintenance and support equipment/personnel assets to another air station. This project was performed under very tight and unchangeable timelines.

Select Achievements:

  • Enlisted Air Warfare Specialist (EAWS) qualification and review board chair.

  • Received a letter of appreciation from Commander, Blue Angels Flight Demonstration Squadron for support equipment services provided by my department.

Aircraft Maintenance Officer - Avionics Division Officer
April 1993 - September 1994

Upon completion of Navy LDO Orientation, Naval Officer Leadership Development, Aircraft Maintenance Officer, and Aircraft Weight and Balance schools at NAS Pensacola, FL, I was assigned as the Aircraft Intermediate Maintenance Department (AIMD), IM-3 (Avionics) Division Officer aboard the U.S.S. Carl Vinson (CVN-70), with direct responsibility for the management of intermediate level aircraft maintenance performed by 250 avionics personnel in 32 work centers.  During General Quarters (Battle Stations) evolutions, I was assigned as a damage control unit officer, leading an 85 man shipboard firefighting and damage control team (Repair Locker 1-Foxtrot).  Made one combat deployment to the Persian Gulf in support of enforcing the Northern Iraq no-fly zone post Desert Storm, one 3 month patrol and training deployment to the northern Pacific and Western Pacific, and various other training periods at sea.


Select Achievements:

  • Coordinated the installation of 32 major automatic test equipment systems, and the certification of over 300 test program sets.

  • Expanded avionics repair capabilities, resulting in an overall air wing mission capable aircraft status of 90% and 86% full mission capable rate.

  • Consolidated 3 on-board calibration laboratories down to one, increasing efficiency and calibration services for battle group calibration services.

  • Led a comprehensive Plan of Action and Milestones (POA&M) effort to acquire test equipment and other assets in order bring my division up to combat operational status for the 1994 deployment to the Persian Gulf.

  • Received the Navy Commendation Medal for meritorious service during my tour of duty on board U.S.S. Carl Vinson.

  • My repair unit was recognized as the winning team of the Damage Control Olympics.

  • Qualified as Shipboard In-Port Officer On Deck (OOD).

Significant Training Completed:

  • Aircraft Maintenance Officer and NATOPS School

  • Aircraft Weight and Balance

  • Advanced Shipboard Firefighting and Damage Control


Enlisted Aircraft Maintenance Technician at US Navy
July 1976 - March 1993

Avionics technician, working on various aircraft systems: communications, navigation, IFF, electronic countermeasures, weapons control and armament systems. Worked on aircraft types: S-3A, H-46, H-2, H-3, P-3C, F-14A, F-14D.  Held progressively increasing technical and supervisory responsibilities over a 16 year enlisted career.  Supervised anywhere from 6 to 36 aircraft maintenance technicians in various shipboard combat squadrons and shore based facilities.  Made one combat deployment to the North Arabian Sea in support of Operation Earnest Will during the 1988 Iran/Iraq War, one 3 month patrol and training deployment to the northern Pacific, Western Pacific, Bering Sea, and Sea of Japan, and various other training periods at sea.  Served two and a half years foreign service in support of forward deployed combat patrol squadrons in Northern Japan and Diego Garcia in the Indian Ocean.


Select Achievements:

  • Selected for commissioning in the US Navy LDO program one of only 13 applicants selected (this represents 6% of all applicants Navy wide).

  • Enlisted Air Warfare Specialist (EAWS) qualification and review board member.

  • Received the Navy Commendation Medal for meritorious service as Avionics Branch Supervisor, Fighter Squadron 51.

  • Supervisor of the Quarter Award as the Communications, Navigation, and Electronic Countermeasures Work Center Supervisor, Fighter Squadron 51.

  • Supervisor of the Year (1989), as the Communications, Navigation, and Electronic Countermeasures Work Center Supervisor, Fighter Squadron 51.

  • Received the Navy Achievement Medal for establishing the squadron avionics maintenance work center, and for collateral duties in implementing the drug and alcohol safety action and training program, Fighter Squadron 194.

  • Supervisor of the Quarter Award as the Communications, Navigation, and Electronic Countermeasures Work Center Supervisor, Fighter Squadron 194.

  • Qualified as Enlisted Air Warfare Specialist (EAWS).

  • Qualified and cross-trained as a Quality Assurance Representative to perform safety of flight inspections on avionics, airframes, flight control, hydraulic, power-plants, and electrical systems.

  • Authored a time domain reflectrometry (TDR) maintenance personnel qualification system (PQS) training package.

  • Authored "Foreign Objects in Electronics Systems" article which appeared in the U.S. Navy's aircraft maintenance periodical, "Mech Magazine."

Significant Training Completed:

  • Aviation Fundamentals and Procedures

  • Basic Electricity and Electronics

  • Aviation Electronics "A" School

  • Advanced First Term Avionics

  • AN/ARN-84 Tactical Airborne Navigation (TACAN) Intermediate Level Maintenance.

  • Frequency Domain Reflectrometry Equipment Operation

  • F-14A  Avionics, Comm/NAV/IFF/ECM Systems Organizational Level Maintenance.

  • F-14A Avionics, Integrated Weapons Systems Organizational level Maintenance.

  • F-14D Avionics, Integrated Weapons Systems Organizational level Maintenance.

  • Quality Assurance representative Safety of Flight Inspection Techniques and NATOPS procedures.

  • Flight Deck Firefighting and Shipboard Damage Control

  • Physical Security Small Arms and Arrest Techniques.



  • Colorado Technical University:  Master of Science, Information Systems Security Management, graduated with a 4.0 GPA, 2004 - 2006

  • Southern Illinois University:  Bachelor of Science, Aviation Management, graduated Cum Laude, 1990 - 1992

  • University of the State of New York: Associate in Science, Mathematics, 1986 - 1989

  • National Rifle Association:  Certified Instructor, Firearms Safety

  • American Gunsmithing Institute:  Certified Law Enforcement Armorer, M-16/AR-15/M-4-A1, 2017


Volunteer Experience:

  • Member of Fort Collins Community Emergency Response Team (CERT).  Certified CERT program instructor, primarily teaching the Search and Rescue Module for CERT classes, but certified to teach all CERT modules.

  • Radio Operator/Weather Spotter, Amateur Radio Emergency Service - Region 3, District 2 (Colorado).  Perform HAM radio operator duties in times of emergency, natural disaster, severe weather, and other events. NOAA Certified SkyWarn severe weather spotter.

  • CARE Team member, Mountain View Community Church.  Provided physical security and emergency medical response during church services and various church sponsored events, 2011 - 2015.

  • Board of Directors, At Large Member Northern Colorado Rod and Gun Club.  Met with the NCRGC board of directors monthly and as needed to discuss the direction of the shooting range, make decisions on spending and projects, discuss safety inspections and approve safety finding mitigation efforts, 2013 - 2015.

  • Webmaster and News Letter Editor,  Northern Colorado Rod and Gun Club, 2008 to 2011.

  • Alumni Association Member, Larimer County Sheriff's Office Alumni Association.  Attend meetings and various association volunteer activities, 2013 - 2017.

Additional Training:

  • Active Shooter Preparedness Workshop (DHS)

  • Automating Assessment for Vulnerability Management (DHS)

  • Citizen's Awareness Program (Counterterrorism Education Learning Lab)

  • Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) (Poudre Fire Authority)

  • Community Emergency Response Team Train the Training (Longmont Office of Emergency Management)

  • First Aid/CPR/AED (Makhaira group)

  • Framework for Improving Critical Infrastructure Cybersecurity (RMISC)

  • IS-100, Incident Command System (FEMA)

  • IS-106, Workplace Violence Awareness Training (FEMA)

  • IS-22, Citizen Awareness (FEMA)

  • IS-360, Preparing for Mass Casualty Incidents (FEMA)

  • IS-700, National Incident management System (FEMA)

  • IS-800, National Response Framework (FEMA)

  • IS-804, Emergency Support Functions - Firefighting (FEMA)

  • IS-906, Basic Workplace Security Awareness (FEMA)

  • IS-907, Active Shooter Training (FEMA)

  • IS-914, Surveillance Awareness: What You Can Do (FEMA)

  • IS-915, Protecting Critical Infrastructure Against Insider Threats (FEMA)

  • Insider Threat Awareness (CDSE)

  • Lean Six Sigma Green Belt

  • Safety and Security for Places of Worship: Trainer Workshop (TLR)


You can also find me on the "Together We Served" Military Forum!


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