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Census Records:
(Check back often as this page will get updated frequently)

John Taylor:  Census record from 1860 showing the Taylor household of John Taylor and Hannah (Harding) Taylor, plus several children.  One of the children (not shown in this census record, most likely because she was married and living elsewhere) was Lydia Taylor, who married William W. Flinn:

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James Taylor:  Census record from 1860 showing the Taylor household of James, Phebe (Nickerson) Taylor, and several children including Mary Jane.  Mary Jane married Charles L. Flinn (click on thumbnail to see full size images):

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Charles L. Flinn:  Census record from 1880 showing the Flinn household of Lydia T. Flinn (wife of William W. Flinn), with son Charles L. and daughter-in-law Mary Jane Flinn, as well as Stanley W. Flinn (grandson of Lydia and son of Charles/Mary Jane). 

Note:  Mary Jane Taylor, upon marrying Charles L. Flinn, was then Lydia's cousin, and also her daughter-in law:

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Stanley W. Flinn:  Census records from 1910 showing household of Stanley W. and Bertha E. (Poland) Flinn, and children Edwin S. and Donald W. Flinn.  The household starts at the bottom of the page shown in the image on the left, and continues at the top of the next page as shown in the image on the right:



Edwin S. Flinn:  Census record from 1920 showing Flinn household of Bertha E. (Poland) Flinn as head of household (wife of Stanley W. Flinn), with children Edwin S. Flinn and Donald W. Flinn.  Stanley W. Flinn was said to have died in 1918, and thus did not appear in this census:

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