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Our Family's "Mayflower" Connection

Famous Descendants of Stephen Hopkins

Sarah Palin:  Stephen Hopkins had a son named Giles.  Giles Hopkins, who married Catherine Weldon, had a son named Joshua.  If you follow our lineage up through the Flinns, then Taylors, you will eventually come to Stephen Hopkins via Joshua, then Giles. 

Josua and Catherine also had a daughter named Deborah.  Following Sarah Palin's lineage, you eventually come to Stephen Hopkins, via Deborah, then Giles Hopkins as follows:

Sarah Palin → Sarah Sheeran → Helen Gower → Cora Strong → Augusta Godfrey → James Godfrey → Benjamin Godfrey → Knowles Godfrey → Knowles Godfrey → George Godfrey → Deborah Cooke → Deborah Hopkins → GILES HOPKINS STEPHEN HOPKINS


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