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Maps - Charts - Diagrams:
(Check back often as this page will get updated frequently)

Voyage Path of the Mayflower:  These images show the path that the Mayflower likely took during her journey to the New World.  The Mayflower was to have sailed with a ship named the "Speedwell," but that ship suffered a number of problems and was not able to sail.  Many of the Speedwell's passengers boarded the Mayflower, but some went back to their homes and did not make the journey:


(Click on thumbnail to see larger image)


Diagram of the Mayflower:  This cutaway shows the relative layout of the Mayflower and its passengers:

(Click on thumbnail to see larger image)


Various Maps:  Showing the progression of the Massachusetts Bay and other British Colonies:


(Click on thumbnail to see larger image)


Present Day Cape Cod:  These maps show present day proximity and location of the towns of Chatham, Eastham, and Orleans. These are the towns that appear to be the location of most of the lineage.  Also seen is the proximity of these towns to Mayflower:



(Click on thumbnail to see larger image)



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