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Emergency (2-week) Backpack:  Emergency preparedness is a widely discussed topic right now.  Natural disasters are increasing, but so too are the threats of terrorism and civil unrest.  The purpose of this article is to discuss one such vital piece of emergency equipment, which will prepare an average adult to survive for two weeks in an emergency, and buy time to decide what to do next for an extended emergency.  No kit in itself can prepare you for everything.  Please research emergency preparedness topics, however, and prepare mentally, as well as with a good survival kit, in case a disaster ever strikes.  This backpack is based on the 2-week emergency food supply backpack that can be obtained from an excellent emergency preparation web site: FoodInsurance.com for approximately $200 - $250, depending on which kit is purchased.  The backpack comes with a 2-week food supply for one adult, plus a few essential items.  The backpack that comes with this kit is large enough and has plenty of room for adding additional survival items, as outlined in this article. Read More...


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