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Welcome to the Emergency Preparedness (aka the SHTF) Page!  Well, not really.  Preparedness is important any time, not just for preparing for the end of the world as we know it.  Emergency preparedness is a widely discussed topic right now for a lot of different reasons.  Natural disasters and the possibility of economic uncertainty are increasing, but so too are the threats of terrorism and civil unrest.  Emergency preparedness strategies are more important now than ever before! We live in an ever-changing and dangerous world. Natural disasters, emergency situations, and even terrorist attacks can happen at any time. Recent news articles report that terrorist attacks are happening with greater frequency, in many parts of the world. Terrorism is happening in our own backyard! New York, Boston, Austin, Orlando, San Bernardino - are all American cities that have been attacked. This list of worldwide terrorist attacks serves as a stark warning. Is your town next?  Coming soon to Gonzo's Garage will be a wide variety of emergency preparedness. firearms, self defense and other related articles, resources, and products to help you implement your own preparedness program.


Questions About Emergency Preparedness:

How long can you and your loved ones survive while waiting for emergency services after a disaster? We've already had one devastating "9/11" terrorist attack. When will it happen again? Is your area susceptible to tornados, earthquakes, floods, and hurricanes?  Do you have enough food, water, first-aid, and other emergency supplies to weather the storm?  Are violent crimes an ever increasing occurrence in your community?  A lot can happen while you are waiting for emergency services to arrive. The experts recommend at least a 72-hour emergency supply strategy!  Are you prepared?


Welcome To My World!

Welcome to Gonzo's Garage Emergency Preparedness Resources page!  I am an experienced Prepper, a Certified Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) Instructor, and disaster and emergency preparedness enthusiast. The purpose of this page is to share with you, my readers, lots of valuable resources on emergency preparedness. I have a wealth of knowledge, experience, and training in the areas of emergency and disaster preparedness. I can also help with emergency first-aid resources, and how to put together that 72-hour (or longer) emergency supply strategy, and self-defense strategies should the worst happen.  Please email me for more information about how I can help.



The Gonzo's Garage Emergency Preparedness page is a companion site to the soon-to-be-released  Northern Colorado Gun Guy, Northern Colorado Home Security, and  Northern Colorado Preparedness sites. Please come back to this page often as we change and grow. Bookmark us to find out more about how you can protect your home when disaster strikes. I will be expanding this site very quickly with more news, articles, and product suggestions on emergency preparedness issues. Check back often!






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