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Using Other Common Self-Defense Tools

As I wrote about in my last article, there are numerous non-lethal self-defense products on the market today. This is mostly because self-defense has become more and more necessary in the world that we live in, unfortunately. And as I have written in other articles, some folks just aren't comfortable with firearms.  Some of the most popular non-lethal self-defense products today include tasers and stun guns, pepper spray, and personal alarms.  But there are also what I refer to as other " or "every-day items" such as your keys, cell phone, a good tactical pen, a walking stick, and a good flashlight can also be very effective parts of your self-defense arsenal.  Using your head and your other senses, especially your loud voice, will help you as well.

Cell Phones for Self-Defense:

Cell phones look innocent enough. In fact, they have saved many lives, by enabling us to call for help, no matter where we were. However, you have to know how to effectively use your cell phone if you expect it to bring help to a dangerous situation.

Most people think it is best to keep the cell phone on them during an attack. Depending on the attack, this may be so, but the cell phone can also be used to get away. Dial 911 if your attacker does not have a hold of you yet. Listen for the answer. In a very loud voice, state your first name, your location, and let it be known that you are being attacked and need help. Keep your eyes on your attacker.

Your attacker's purpose at this point, having seen you using the cell phone, is to get that cell phone away from you. Surprise him. Drop the phone where you stand, and run. The attacker is most likely going to stop to disconnect the call to 911, thinking that they haven't had time to track your location -- in most cases, they haven't had time, but you've already given them your location, so it doesn't matter.

Another way to use a cell phone is to keep it out of sight. If you have been kidnapped, or carjacked, and you are still in the car, when your assailant is not looking, simply dial 911, keeping the phone out of his sight. Then proceed to talk to your attacker, in a voice loud enough to be heard over the phone. Give as many details as possible about the vehicle you are in, the area you are in, and the direction you are heading, without raising the suspicion of your attacker.

Cell phones were once thought of as a convenience. These days, we know that cell phones really can save lives. Make sure that you have a plan to use your cell phone in your own self-defense, should the need ever arise.


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Other Common Items for Self-Defense

When we think in terms of weapons for self-defense, we often think in terms of guns and knives. These are not good choices for self-defense weapons for the most part, because in many areas, it is illegal to carry them, and in many instances, there is a great risk that the weapon will be taken and used against you in the event that you are attacked.

Have you ever noticed that we seldom pay attention to what is in plain sight? Ordinary, everyday objects get little attention from us -- and are likely to get little attention from anyone else. Instead of using "traditional" weapons for self-defense, consider using some ordinary items.

Ideally, anything that has weight and/or a point can be used as a weapon. Let's take a look at three "ordinary" items that could qualify as a weapon.

  • An umbrella -- for use as a weapon, the newer, fold-up type umbrellas really don't work well. You need one of the older-style umbrellas that have a metal point on the end. These are usually larger, and have a cane type handle.

  • A purse with a strap -- we've always been told that clutch-style purses are safer to carry than strap-style purses, because the straps can be cut and the purse easily stolen. Carry a strap-style purse, with weight in it -- but carry it like a clutch, with the strap firmly wrapped around your hand, and the purse hugged close to your body.

  • Keys -- As you can imagine, keys won't do any real damage to anyone if you stabbed with them, but they do considerable damage if you stab in the right place. Hold the key ring in the palm of your hand, with the longest key protruding out from between your index and middle knuckles. If attacked, literally punch with that hand holding those keys in that way. Aim for the eyes or the softest part of the throat, at the bottom of the neck.

  • Belt -- There are many uses for belts. Most people wear belts for only two reasons -- for fashion, or to hold one's pants up. But there is also another use for a belt: self-defense. A belt, if properly designed and used, makes a very effective weapon.  You've probably heard jokes about Texans and their huge belt buckles. Have you ever thought to consider how much damage those huge belt buckles can do when swung at an assailant from the end of that thick leather belt? It can do more damage than one might think.

  • Cane or Walking Stick -- The chances are fairly good that you walk just fine, without the aid of a cane. However, have you ever considered that a cane can be a very effective weapon? They can, if you know how to correctly use one.  First, select a good cane that has some weight to it. Choose one crafted from a hard wood, such as hickory or oak. There are also canes that have a point at the end of the "hook" instead of a smooth rounded edge. Consider purchasing such a cane.  One thing to note is that a cane can be taken away from you and used against you. For this reason, it is really important that you invest a few dollars more into a good course that teaches you not only how to use the cane for self-defense, but also how to avoid having it being taken from you by your assailant.


Use Your Head - Literally!

If you are attacked, your first inclination may be to panic. However, any good self-defense class will teach you that you must keep your wits about you, and use your head. A good class will also teach you that there is more than one way to use your head.

If you are grabbed and held from behind, and your head comes even just up to the attacker's chin, you have the advantage, even if your arms are pinned. The back of your head is very hard, and if you look down, and then slam your head back into the attacker's chin or face, they will literally see stars, and will most likely loosen their grip -- long enough for you to get away.

You may have a headache afterwards, but you won't knock yourself out. The back of your skull is much harder than the bones in their chin or nose! You also won't give yourself whiplash, simply because their face or chin is there to keep you from throwing your head too far back, with too much force. Don't be gentle. Throw your head back at them with as much force as you can muster!

Use your mouth as well. Scream. If they cover your mouth with their hand, try to get your mouth open enough to bite their hand. It is true that you may need to worry about diseases, but at that point, a disease is the least of your worries. Bite them -- hard!

Another way that you can use your head is again with your mouth. Start gagging, and if possible, throw up. Depending on what the assailant's purpose was, this may disgust them enough for you to get away -- or for them to go away.

Of course, continue to keep your wits about you. Immediately start looking for an escape route or for help. Stay calm and think. There will be time later -- after the danger has passed -- to let the fear overcome you.

As you can see, a weapon doesn't actually have to serve in its normal capacity as a weapon to be used as one. There are many other "ordinary" items that you can use in your self-defense as well. For best results, make sure that you have more than one with you at all times.  Using your head and not being a passive and stationary target will go a long way in helping you overcome an attack.


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