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Downloadable Practice Targets

Feel free to download and print these targets!  Be sure to visit the web sites that these targets came from.

Left Hand Diagnostic
Right Hand Diagnostic
Bullseye Target 5-Bull Target
Grid Target Cross Hairs Pistol Target DOW Turkey Target
5 Bull Orange
Different Size Bulls
Appleseed Gray Coat
Appleseed Red Coat
6 Bull Slow Fire
Pistol Target


Featured Target!

Try This One For Proficiency Training!
(Good for testing your reaction time)

Have some fun with this one!  Download, hang at 3 to 7 feet down range, and try the following drills:

  • Have a partner call out random numbers.  See how quickly you can hit the correct target.

  • Have a partner start timing when you fire the first shot and see how long it takes you to hit all the balls in numerical order.  Also count how many shots it takes.  Your score improves when it takes less time and fewer shots to hit them all in order



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